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CUSTOM HARDCOVER BOOKS for CDs, DVDs, and Vinyl Records

 Welcome to our hardcover cd and dvd book printing site!  Our books include the media manufacturing, and a choice of sizes, printing, materials, and inner pages for the books. The books are deluxe, coffee table books made with a rigid inner core and either laminated, or wrapped with material.
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We also make vinyl books (12×12 approx for records or mixed media sets), in case you are looking for a larger version!

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We manufacture optical media CDs, DVDS, USBs, and very cool Video Screens that go in our packaging.


Custom Book Packaging

This site is dedicated to Hardcover Books but we actually make all kinds of packaging and media.


Box Sets, Custom Digipaks, LPs, Vinyl Packaging, USB Packaging, Custom Jackets & Covers, Video Screen Notebooks, and more!


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Below are types of Hardcover Books that we make categorized by size and other features such as how the media is held, types of media, binding, and outer wraps.

CD Books are usually 5×5″. We have a number of die variations around the 5×5″ size.  The standard size works well with pre-fabricated plastic or paper trays.

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DVD Books are usually 5×7″ (tall) or 7×5″ (wide).  You don’t have to hold a dvd in them of course, but that’s the standard dvd book dimension.

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Vinyl Books are approximately 12×12″ and made to hold vinyl records. If you are making a different sized record, we can make a custom size. Note that we do not manufacture vinyl records, but we can provide the packaging and other types of media such as discs or usbs. 

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We can make books in any size you’d like. For example, 6×6″ is a common request. Just keep in mind that a custom size does not work well with prefabricated plastic trays, so a pocket or hub would be a good choice of how to hold the media. A custom die requires a little bit of effort and usually a mockup to ensure the die is correct before manufacturing.

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An important consideration in a book is how the media will be held. The options include:

  • Pre-fabricated Plastic Trays (5″, 7″ single, 7″ double disc)
  • Eco Trays made of recycled paper (5″ only)
  • Foam trays (any size)
  • Glued on Sleeve Pockets
  • Swinging Sleeves
  • Disc Hubs (foam or cork)

Hardcover books are made by wrapping a rigid chipboard material on the outside with either:

  • 4C Printed Paper Wrap (120gsm)
    • Matte Lamination, or Gloss
  • Linen Material (special order)
    • Can be silkscreened 1C black, or Foil Stamped
  • Leather Material (vegan leather)
    • Foil Stamping or Debossing

Inner wraps can be:

  • 4C Printing Paper (120gsm)
  • Solid Black, Unprinted Wraps (great for matching a black sleeve)
  • Kraft Paper Wraps, Unprinted or Printed 1C Black

The inner pages (aka inside booklet) in a hardcover book can be bound in a number of ways depending on size. The options include:

  • Perfect binding (forms a spine, 32pp+)
  • Stitched perfect binding
  • Stitched binding
  • Stapled

For large, heavy inner booklets, we recommend gluing one page down to an inside panel for security.

We do custom work, so it is not uncommon for us to explore special types of add-ons such as:

  • Slipcases
  • Ribbons
  • Velcro tabs
  • OBI strips & Resealable Bags

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Foil Stamping, Embossing / Debossing, Spot Gloss


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