Inside Wrap – Full Color Printed Wrap

Inside Wrap – Full Color Printed Wrap

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The inside of a Hardcover Book has a wrap glued across it. The wrap can be Full Color, or a solid, unprinted material like black or tan kraft. For full color wraps:

  • Book core is 24oz and printed wrap inside is 120 gsm.
  • Printing can be 4C CMYK or 2 PMS ink printing.
  • Lamination is included, your choice of Matte or Glossy.
  • Special Effects Printing are available inside but very uncommon.
  • Considerations:
    • The inside wrap may be partially obscured by a glued-on sleeve or a glued on booklet page.
    • The inside wrap will been seen under a clear tray.
    • A foam tray on a panel obscures the wrap except for the foam pieces removed to hold media. In tother words, the wrap can be seen when the media is removed (under the disc, under the usb, etc.).

Alternate wrapping options include solid black or tan material.

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