Inside Wrap – Kraft Tan Paper Wrap

Inside Wrap – Kraft Tan Paper Wrap

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The inside of a Hardcover Book has a wrap glued across it. The wrap is frequently solid black but can also be a tan kraft color.

  • Printing is available 1C  black or full color 4C.
    • Color printing on kraft requires special white ink underneath for “crisp” colors, otherwise they are somewhat muted as the base paper color is not white.
  • Special Effects Printing are available inside but very uncommon.
  • Considerations:
    • A kraft color inner wrap can look scrap-booky or vintage depending on how you use it.
    • A parchment paper look can either be created with white paper or a kraft tan base.
    • A kraft wrap pairs well with a cork hub or paper tray.

Alternate wrapping options include a full color printed wrap and black material.

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