Slipcases are a fantastic way to dress up a title. You might add a feature image or title. You add have retail info that you want discarded such as a bar code or price. You might want to do a fun special effect on the front like foil, or a die cut showing the main package underneath. You might use the slipcase for a splash of color on a wrapped leather or linen item.

They are also very useful for bundles items together such as multidisc or multi record set collection, or a title plus a book. Your only requirement really is that you want the items being bundled together to be the same height. If not, there could be work arounds like a foam block, but it is best if they can match height. 

Slipcases are made with a paper stock material, usually 15/16pt or 310gsm, or even thicker. They are collapsible, which distinguishes them from a rigid box made with chipboard. As a side note, Belly Bands & OBI Strips used in Japanese Style LPs are usually made with a slightly thinner paper and skinnier dimensions.

Printing on slipcases is standard full color cmyk or your selection of Pantone inks. You can do any of our fun special effects on them (foil, spot gloss, embossing, lamination, etc.) and you have options for paper stocks. 

Use a Slipcase to dress up a title or bundle titles together. Perfect with effects. Very cost effective if ordered with the main product. Tons of dies or make a custom one. 

Slipcases are made in any size you need. We have dies for many common types of packaging but it may not match exactly what you need, and that’s ok. Custom dies are relatively inexpensive with us.

Tube style slipcases basically slip over the title and have the top & bottom open, or the sides open…yeah, kind of a tube. Alternately, you can do the slipcase fully enclosed, with a tuck and flap, or leave just one wall open. Side loading, vertical loading are other designations you can use. 

Thumbnotches are options too. Wide, narrow, special designs…all kinds of options. You can see why we have so many dies. 

Orders for just the slipcases? Mnnn, yes, said in a sqeamish voice. We would prefer to do a complete package for you with media and all the packaging, sealed up and shipped to you complete. But if you absolutely must do a stand-alone slipcase order, we will try to make it work. 

Art templates are created for you as part of your order. 

Proofing is fairly standard for the artwork (unless you have special effects or paper stocks) but you may want to consider an unprinted mock-up to check the fit of items. Usually a good idea for custom dies.