Embossing & Debossing Packaging

DefinitionEmbossing is a raised relief that is made in paper. You can run your fingers over it, and feel the tactile, raised items. Debossing is the opposite of embossing, it is a depression in the paper. And because papers have... Read More

Art How to’s, Tips & Tricks, Do’s & Don’ts

We’ve made a lot of titles over the years which means we’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. There are some common mistakes that we can point out that might save you from being in one of the... Read More

Our Blog Posts

Here you’ll find a series of informal blog posts regarding popular topics. We change them up frequently so feel free to check back in!... Read More

Hot Foil Stamping, Eye Catching Bling

All about Foil Stamping: what is it, what it isn't, expense, matching to media, what materials you can foil stamp, how to set it up in the art, what proofing is required.... Read More

Spot Gloss…Shine a Spot Light on it!

Spot UV Gloss Printing; how it is used, the best contrasts, what you can't use it on, costs, how to set it up in art, and how to proof.... Read More

Slipcases…Dress it or Bundle it!

All about slipcases; what they are used for, paper weights, die options, vertical loading, thumb notches, printing, templates, proofing.... Read More

How to Make a Title look Vintage, Retro, or Old World – Tips, Tricks, Craftsmanship

How to achieve a vintage, retro, or old world look in your packaging and media; distressed paper, linen, leather, book binding, fly sheets, kraft, ribbons, embossing, foil, vinyl, cds, and cassette like packaging.... Read More

Custom Die Cuts, Level Up for Creative Packaging

Die Cuts allow you to create very custom packaging, what die cuts are, how to set up art, proofing, what effects they are used for (lettering, holes, windows, shapes), how complex they can be, origami pop ups, and how they... Read More