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    Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

    Some Q&A

    How do I get a Quote?

    Send us your spec! Or choose the drop down features from our Request a Quote Page.

    If you are in the beginning stages and do not know your spec, don’t worry, we can still help with a rough estimate if you can tell us the basics or show us a photo. We can also help you build a spec.

    SPEC Esssentials

    Below are the essentials of what we need:

    How to hold the media:
    Outer Wrap:
    Any special printing effects:
    Inner Wrap:
    #Inner Pages / Binding:

    And other things like paper weight requirements/finishes, special inks,  additional proofing, or open-ended comments about a look you are trying to achieve.

    Budget/Schedule/Phase of Project are needed as well.

    SPEC Example

    General Description: Hardbound cd book to hold one cd and one dvd with 16pp inner pages.
    Qty: 500 sets
    Book Dimensions: 5×5″
    Outer Wrap: 4C with matte lam
    Inner Wrap: solid black
    Media Types: 1 CD, 1 DVD5
    Hold Media: Solid black glued on sleeve/pockets, one on each end panel
    Inner Pages: 16pp stapled
    Assembly: insertion of cd & shrink wrap
    Shipping: standard 5-8 day, one US addr
    Special Effects Printing: 3 panels of foil, front/spine/back
    Special Notes/Add-ons: Looking for a scrapbook type of feel, ideas for adding “photo corners”?
    Target Budget Range: can’t go over $7500, prefer $5k range
    Schedule: Release end of summer
    Project Phase: we are ready to start designing, need templates


    Building a spec for a cd, dvd or vinyl book is a lot like building a spec for a house, just a smaller scale. We need to know what type of budget you are working with so our replies are realistic. If your price range doesn’t fit the product, we’ll try to make suggestions for something that will.  Hardcover books start in the $3000 range and go up from there.


    Minimum Quantity is 300 sets, or 500 packaging only.
    Can you order less? Technically yes… but you’ll be paying the price for 300 or 500 units. We are a commercial level manufacturer and there are costs to set up the presses. Set up costs do not work well for smaller quantities.


    Costs typically start at about USD $3000 for our cd sized projects.


    Manufacturing takes 2-3 weeks after approved proofs, and the final product shipping is about 7 days. Projects that are super complicated may take longer, especially in the proofing process.

    In most cases, projects take about a month. Things that can add to project time:

    • If you need extra time to do the art lay-out on the templates.
      Some clients start a project to get the templates made and then need significant time to do the lay-out. We just ask that you not take over one year, ok?
    • If your source media has issues (problems in the artwork such as insufficient bleed, or the master does not pass glass mastering or isn’t in the right format).
    • If you need to submit new source media (problems you might discover such as typos, or lack of cd text).


    To get templates, you need to start an order. We’ll ask for 50% down to get started, and the remainder is due when you have the art/media ready for us to process.